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Everybody deserves a fabulous dress

A Retrospec’d garment is made to the very highest standards for a great fit and a look that’s a little ‘different’. Inspired by the vintage fashion of the 1940’s and 50’s, we spend hours working on our designs to ensure they capture the magic of that halcyon era while still looking fresh today.

If you like the look of vintage dresses, your Retrospec’d dresses will be your new favourite outfits. Each of our garments is the harvest of a labour of love. We absolutely adore these fashions – and our customers who come to wear and love them.

We often hear from our lovely customers about how they are often complimented on their Retrospec’d fashions while out and about. A dress that combines the romantic with the power to stop traffic? That’s a fabulous dress that everybody deserves.

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The proof is in the pudding

At Retrospec'd, we care about what our fashion-loving customers think about us, so message us any time and give us your feedback. From all over Europe, from Los Angeles to Lithgow, from country communities to the Sydney suburbs, fabric fans flock for our fabulous frocks.

Fabulous Friends Say

"The presentation was absolutely beautiful...your dresses are some of the most beautiful garments I have ever owned...The colors and designs are even more vibrant than I had imagined."

Fabulous Friends Say

“I had previously purchased a red Vivian dress...and everywhere I go in that dress, I am complemented. I then purchased two other Retrospec’d dresses from Modcloth, and those three dresses have become staples in my wardrobe.”

Fabulous Friends Say

“I am a high school teacher in Los Angeles, and my students marvel at my style. I wear these dresses with flats to work by day, and I can dress them up with a crinoline and heels for evening. They breathe and...the quality is so top-notch, that they withstand cleaning like a champ.”

Fabulous Friends Say

"...I just felt compelled to let you all know that your brand is, above and beyond anything mass produced that can be found here. Now that I know how easy it is to purchase from you directly, I will continue.”

Fabulous Friends Say

"...I am so incredibly happy with the quality! The cuts are perfect and the fabrics are better in person! I cannot wait to get these moved so I can order more from your company. Thank you very very much :)”