Wondering how to get the vintage look?

There’s just something about vintage fashion. The clothes of days gone by suggest an air of class and style which can’t be mimicked by modern fashion. 

Read on for some expert tips on vintage style: 


An authentic vintage look takes planning and inspiration. Spend time doing your research to find the right theme for you. You may like the funky faux 50s style of Grease or the slick Mad Men look, but you will notice even these have variations. 

Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn for instance? Sandy at the start of Grease… or the end? 

Once you land on a theme, be it Audrey Hepburn or Mod Squad, stick with it and work your look to match.

Where to find vintage inspiration



Once you’ve decided on your theme, whether it be for a special occasion or a lifetime, you need to know how to get the vintage look. 

The obvious place to start is clothes. Contrary to what many believe, it’s not always worth getting bogged down trying to find genuine vintage articles. It’s certainly great if you can find authentic pieces at specialty stores or online but often vintage pieces only exist in tiny sizes, if at all. What’s more, the fabric can be paper-thin or there can be decades-old stains. 

Instead of spending hours scouring stores and auction sites, you can always repurpose a modern skirt or blouse to fit with your look. A neutral skirt, tee or blouse can be timeless, and you can invest in other pieces to feature in your vintage look. 

Be selective and invest in good quality new clothing made in a vintage style. These will be a good fit, will last longer and will feel fresh and clean when you put them on. 


Hair is a big part of your vintage vibe. If you have an impeccable 50s style ensemble but flowing, wavy hippie style locks, you won’t have nailed the look. 

Again, you have to do your research. Find the updo that matches the era you’re going for and work your hair to match. A lot of retro hairdos could be quite complicated so you will want to practice often and get hold of some old-school accessories. Hair rollers, for instance, can get you that old fashioned curl. You will also need plenty of hairspray and hairpins!


Makeup trends change dramatically through each era. When it comes to how to get the vintage look, again it comes down to research. 

A Mod Squad look might have pale lipstick and dark eye shadow, whereas an earlier, 50s look will be more about darker lips and more subtle eyes. 

Youtube will almost certainly have a tutorial to match the era you’re aiming for. Have a play around and see what suits you. 

Vintage Light Blue Dress

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Wondering how to get the vintage look? Vintage Accessories will seal the deal.

The perfect handbag or clutch can really make your outfit stand out and you won’t have to worry about it not fitting! Likewise, glasses or sunglasses can perfect a look and bring it from good to great.

Attention to detail is also key. Shoes, for instance, need to be spot on for the era. 

And don’t forget tights. These were not optional with many retro looks and bare legs will rob your get-up of its authenticity. sh

Of course, if you don’t want the perfect vintage look, you can mix, match and have some fun! Throw on a vintage dress for the day, add some vintage accessories to your modern outfit or throw on a vintage jacket to complete your outfit. 

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